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Cyber, Information, Privacy Security Design and Operations

Ezra Group designs, tailors, and deploys/employs full-stack information, cyber, and data privacy protection facilitating comprehensive security operations, incident response, and information assurance. Ezra Group’s network design, patch management, incident management (CIRT), and security accreditation methodologies provide objectively measurable compliance/control, multi-sensor monitoring, management and correlation of critical system events, and the ability to profile operational traffic patterns. The Ezra Group methodology significantly and measurably reduces operational risk.

Information Assurance

EZRA Group leverages tools such as Xacta, NCAD, and eMass to facilitate attainment and sustainment of its clients’ portfolio of system accreditations for their mission-critical programs/projects. For example, for a DOD client, EZRA Group consolidated the management of all explicit and inferred NIST 800-53/CCRI configuration management controls into a single common control “package” that received an ATO for organization-wide use. EZRA Group information assurance SMEs leveraged the configuration management common control set and a more tailored/disciplined approach to coordinate the remediation of hundreds of “findings” through inheritance and artifact harvesting/validation leading to a rating of an organization as “compliant” for all configuration management control.

EZRA Group ensures that the Agency’s information systems comply with mandated security guidelines and that policies are certified and accredited prior to operation. EZRA Group engineers play an integral role in supporting continuous C&A efforts as well as streamlining the system life-cycle. EZRA Group Tech engineer’s roles, within the C&A process, are integrated into the Development, Post Accreditation, and Maintenance Phases.


Configuration/Change Management

EZRA Group has a proprietary methodology for Designing, Engineering, Deploying and Maintaining a NIST SP 800-53/800-128/800-137 compliant Configuration and Change Management program for its clients. Beyond configuration item (CI) inventories and change board, EZRA Group works with each organization’s technology service provider to optimize their business processes, their milestone deliverables, decision registries, and their portfolio of configuration/change board resulting in a governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) program capability that is comprehensive and audit-ready.

For example, EZRA Group implemented a full-bodied Configuration/Change Management program for one of its DOD clients that ultimately led to a significant decrease in its help desk calls and overall platform downtime. Additionally, EZRA Group leveraged multiple existing infrastructure/cyber sensor platforms (e.g., Splunk, Tanium, SCCM, HBSS) deployed in the client’s computing eco-system to create and exploit CMDB capabilities for this 35,000 seat enterprise. The resulting toolset created by EZRA Group engineers provided the ability to see and analyze configuration baselines for thousands of level-2 and level-3 devices in real-time.

Data Mining

EZRA Group enables better client decision making by utilizing tools such as Splunk, Tableau, eMass, ACAS, HBSS, Tanium, SCCM and RedSeal to intelligently gather and analyze critical security and business related enterprise data. For one DoD client, EZRA Group data SMEs conducted a 100% inventory of the quality and reliability of all data sources (e.g., index, source, source-types) recorded in the organizations Splunk implementation as part of the analysis leading to the development of a virtual CMDB. The result of the analysis led to the creation of data-fused dashboards or correlated events and performance metrics providing EZRA Group engineers with the ability to profile virtually all of the events, applications, services, processes, and the execution of every command by any targeted device in minutes.

Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC)

EZRA Group has strong expertise and experience with the Government CPIC process. EZRA Group’s  disciplined approach to managing the various phases of the Information Systems cyclical budgetary process allows its clients to optimize the funding set aside for IT and business challenges.

Network Security Design and Engineering

Network Security Design services are for clients and organizations that are designing, upgrading, moving or re-designing their networks and internet access points and want to incorporate layered security mechanisms and controls into the network.

SAP Technical Consulting Services

Installations of SAP Products

Upgrade Planning, Testing, & Execution

Disaster Recovery

We will help to ensure your company is ready for the worst-case scenario – your data center needs to be recreated at a remote location – by planning and performing necessary testing.

IT Technical Audit

We can advise on best practices for running and managing worldwide state of the art enterprise applications. We can be the right hand of a CIO of an organization.

Change Management

We are experts in SAP Change Management. Find out why the market leading change management tool company relies upon our expertise for their implementations. If you cannot prevent and protect critical objects like number ranges from being transported by unwitting project numbers, which will surely crash your system.

Document Digitalization Services

Ezra Group provides professional document scanning and conversion services to organizations in various industries and government.  We use a robust infrastructure of document management and cutting-edge technology to meet the requirements of our customers.  Document Management software captures, stores and controls electronic documents, letting you streamline and automate paper-based processes for improved productivity and reduced costs.